Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quad Squad Update

I heard from the Quad Squad mom today. I will let the email speak for itself...

This evening both of our Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists, Dr. Kenneth Higby and Dr. Michael Gordon, did a cervical check. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...GOD IS AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!! My cervix looks even better than it did two weeks ago!!!! At 26 weeks it was measuring 23-25; this evening--25-28! The stitch from the cerclage that Dr. Gordon put in, and gave God complete credit for, still remains unchanged! Each of the doctor's were soooo pleased and quite frankly amazed!

Now, for even MORE good news! They both agree that I should go home!!!! I didn't even consider that as an option--WOW! So, tomorrow (Wed., 3-25) given that my OB/GYN, Dr. Bryan Cox, concurs, I should be discharged to go home! Then, either Thursday or Friday we will have an appt. to have a biophysical scan where they will conduct a sonogram that focuses on the health, etc of babies A, B, and C. We have agreed that until 30 weeks, we would not make "decisions" regarding delivering for the sake of baby D to only risk the health of A, B, and C.

On a final note, many of you have asked about all of the babies names. Here they are with a brief explanation:

Baby Boy A: Logan Quinn (Kevin's first choice for a boy was Logan; Kevin's middle name is Quinn)

Baby Girl B: Leila Ruth (I had picked out Lila, but Kevin, Oprah, and the Facebook poll chose Leila; Ruth was my Nana's name)

Baby Boy C: Landon John (This was the name I was trying to sway Kevin toward instead of Logan, and Land is my mother's maiden name; John is my dad's name, it has been in his family for generations)

Baby Girl D: Ella Faith (Each of Kevin's grandmothers' names had "ella"--Luella and Cozella; Faith we chose because we have complete faith in God's plan for this baby, our tiniest--this name holds the most sentimental value to us, so we have chosen to demonstrate our faith that all will be well with her by giving our little fighter this name. She will ultimately be okay; we claim it, we believe it, and we are living as if He has already answered that prayer as we have requested!)

God bless all of you that have sent your thoughts and prayers on behalf of the fourfold and our family! He does not cease to amaze us all; and He has showered us with blessings beyond measure! This testimony will speak to others about how Great and Big our God IS!

Please continue to pray for this precious family!

A miracle is in our midst!

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~LL~ said...

How awesome is that? God truly is in the miracle business, huh?

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