Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crazy Adoptive Parents

I am amazed at this story.

I just cannot imagine that parents could be this stupid.

I feel that when one adopts a child, that is their child. Good, bad, peachy, horrible, WHATEVER! When someone is in the adoption process, they should make themselves educated. Children, by birth or adoption, come with issues. If one has educated themself, they know this, and know that children may cause a bit of uneasiness in their life. THAT'S WHAT CHILDREN DO!

I think it is sad that this little boy was screaming for help in the only way he knew how and his parents just let him go! Never reported him missing. Now, 10 years later, this has been brought out!

Children test their parents. Biological or adopted, children want to know that their parents love them and will come to their rescue. They want to know that when they do certain things, there are boundaries.

I think of Christine. Who has adopted some fabulous children. They are RADs. They test her...daily...but she is loving them through their issues! I cannot imagine what this family would go through if one of these children decided to test their parents and their parents let them go...without rescuing them.

Adoption is trying. I am sure any adoptive parent would tell you that it isn't an easy road. Although this may be the case, I am sure that those same adoptive parents would tell you that they wouldn't change it for the world!

I urge you, whether you are an adoptive parent or not, stop now and pray. Pray for adoptive families that you may know. Pray for adoptive families that you find on blogs. Pray for the millions of orphans in the world. Stop...pray now!

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