Friday, September 5, 2008

Prius Parking? What?

Some weeks ago, I decided to go here and look for a new sink for my son's bathroom (I'll tell you about that in another post) .

Now, mind you, I love this store!

I love to go spend the day.

Looking at all the cool things.

So, my mother-in-law, my friend, Deborah (oops! I am not supposed to use her first name!), and I pile in my van and head to Round Rock.

We get there, after stopping at the outlet mall on the way, and it is one busy place! There are cars everywhere.

I decide it isn't really worth trying to find a parking spot at the front because it wasn't going to happen. So we park at the back of the lot and start trekking!

As we get to the front of the lot, I notice 2 empty spaces right in the front! As we look at the spots, mostly in disbelief because we cannot believe they are empty, we notice a sign in front of them...

Reserved Parking...

Hybrid Only

What??? Are you kidding me???

I so wish I would have seen those spots before I parked!!

Because I would have swung my big ol' Nissan Quest into one of those spots!

The only thing better would have been if I drove an SUV!

That truly would have embarrassed my mother-in-law. Which is probably why God did not let me see those spots!

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