Monday, June 23, 2008

Save Money...and the Earth

I have to say (at the risk of making a few of my friends and readers mad) that I am not really concerned about my 'carbon footprint'.

I am, however, a miser (learned well from my step-mom). I like to save a buck. I like to not pay too much for things.

I also like to feel like I am beating the system (like buying something on sell with a coupon so I pay very little for it)!

Sometimes, I get the opportunity to do things that save me a buck and are good for the environment and that gives me a sense of fullfillment. I am trying to do things like these.

Things I am currently doing:

Recycling. I now live in a neighborhood that will collect recycled items! I have always recycled aluminum cans...mostly for the $. I just can't see throwing cans away when someone will give me money for them.

Use a Sprinkler System. I LOVE IT! I no longer forget to turn the sprinkler off and waste water or money!

Save Energy. The new house has 3 AC units. One of them is off 95% of the time. The other 2 are on 80 during the day. We also use ceiling fans more than the AC. This is a win-win for my electric bill and the environment!

Reverse Osmosis. I never thought I would care about this, but the new house had one already and we are lovin' it! I no longer buy water bottles...which, saves money and the landfills!

Keep Things Unplugged. I unplug things that aren't in use...curling irons, coffee makers, lamps...if we aren't using it at the moment, I unplug it. Saves energy and money, yet again!

Things I want to start doing:

Plant a Garden. As soon as I get the inside of the house in order, there is a small area behind the garage that is waiting for a garden! I can't wait to get some veggies planted in there! Again, save a buck and help the environment!

Save AC condensation. What? Yup, you read it right. I just recently learned that the condensation that your AC makes can be collected and then used to water plants. I think this is a fabulous idea and can't wait to figure out how to do it and impliment it. Once again, my 2-fold $, save the earth!

It is interesting how I was not that interested in my carbon footprint, but when I work on saving money, I also help save the earth!

What are you doing to save money and the environment?


~LL~ said...

Heh....on a positive note, the carbon footprint is perfect proof that I WAS HERE! LOL. JK

I hear you...I don't worry. I do what I can, but I rarely cross the yard to hug a tree ;)

lana said...

Cammie... whatever gets you motivated works for me :-) We are doing what we can I am concerned about my "footprint" but I am realizing that every little bit is helping, so keep saving money and it will keep helping.

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