Friday, June 20, 2008

Trying Again

Remember when I told you I was back on the wagon?

Remember how I told you I would keep you posted of the progress?

Notice how I haven't done so?


Because I SUCK!

I haven't even tried to stay on the wagon. I don't want to! It's not fun! But I know I need to... husband and I have decided to join this place.

I can't wait to try the water aerobics classes, take the kids to the pool, swim some laps, then work up to the real exercising!

BTW, in case you are wondering, my mother-in-law has lost 30+ pounds since that first post! WAY TO GO MIL!!!!


lana said...

Good luck I truly hope you can stay on the wagon. I fell off the wagon a year 1/2 ago when it seemed all heck broke loose around here and I've been eating everything in sight since. Do keep us posted, I'm hoping you can motivate me ;-)

~LL~ said...

Good luck.

And BTW...I LOVE the red door ;)

Cammie said...

Hi Girls,

Just a qick update, we joined Saturday and then spent 2 hours in the pool. I swam some laps and it kicked my butt. I could only do 4 laps at a time, but i made myself do a total of 10 before we left that day. I spent the other time playing with my kids in the water and jumping and jogging in place in the pool to burn calories.

There is a water aerobics class that I am going to go to on Mondays and Fridays...I hope.

My husband and I go this Wednesday to get our body assessment with a personal trainer...can't even begin to tell you how much I don't want to do that!

I'll let you know!

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