Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crappy Day!!!

I cannot begin to write about how today was 'one of those days', but because I need to vent, I am going to try!!! If you don't want to experience my bi***ing, then turn back now!

So, today is Mothers Day Out day for Kaylee, so I wake up this morning and begin to get things ready to go, only to find nothing to pack her for lunch. I then get my family out the door in the nick of time. As we are driving to MDO, the 'alarm' on my car goes off, alerting me that I have a flat tire. I get to MDO and realize it is only 'low' and proceed to take Kaylee in to MDO. As I get to the door, I bend down to kiss her and see her neck COVERED with petechia!!!

Then, I had to go to work (which was uneventful, thank God!). I called David and asked him to take my van to get the tires checked so I would be able to take Kaylee to the doctor later that day. He obliges, comes to take the van in and they tell him that the tires are shot...$780. later I am able to use my van again!!!!

Then, after work, I rush home to make dinner for David so he can go bowling tonight. David and I are rushing around and I ask him to go to the freezer and grab the meatballs. Well, he does and UGH! the freexer is off and stinks BIG TIME! Remember when I did this? Well, it seems as though I threw the breaker for that project and never threw it back!!!! Yup! 2 1/2 weeks ago!!!! Lost a freezer full of food!

Then, after we get that mess cleaned up, get the smell out, eat dinner and do the dishes, I open today's mail and find 2 irritating things! A HUGE WATER BILL!!! and a rebate returned for not enough information! Now, mind you, the form did not ask for the information, but I couldn't get the rebate processed because I didn't include it! WHAT?!?!

All of this was happening while my daughter was throwing huge fits and my son was not applying himself to his Roman Numerals math sheet!

Today was a VERY EXPENSIVE DAY! I hope tomorrow is cheaper!


Shelley said...

Hello my dear...I am so sorry that you had such a bad day. Those kinds of days are just plain...well...BAD!!!! I do hope that today will be better.
God Bless you!!!
In HIS Mighty Grip

~LL~ said...

OH MY~ You know, sometimes when you read these, there is an air of humor and I can chuckle....there is no chuckle. I'M SO sorry you have to go through this. Hope you get it sorted out.

lana said...

I am so sorry. We had a freezer issue not too long ago and it totally sucks. My heart is going out to you.

Kendra said...

ugh...i've had many a days like that, and when it's all over, you start PRAISING GOD for every regular day you have. "THIS TOO SHALL PASS.." Just remember the Lord is just testing your patience, your trust in Him, and your faithfulness. That's all it is! Is Kaylee going to be okay? is this related to her "blood thing?"
When you get everything in order inside, we'll start planning your garden, so get ready for spring baby! I'm excited to help you! Garden fresh, no poisoned hand picked veggies ARE TRULY the BEST.

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