Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Isn't This a Family Restaurant?

Sunday, after a super long day of running Jake around to various Lion Dancing events (it is Asian New Year, you know), we sat down at this restaurant for a late lunch, early dinner.

We were having a fairly enjoyable meal.

Discussing how well Jake did in his first performance and various things about the bargain house we found.

We were almost finished...

waiting for the check...

and then...

a couple sat down next to us.

You know, same booth, right on the other side of the half wall...

on the same side as my 10 year old son.

Not just any couple...

a lesbian couple.

Now, let's not mince words. I think it is terribly wrong to be in this type of relationship! I think it is totally against all that God expects of us! I believe that this is a sin!

That said, I have friends that are gay. It is not my place to judge you. That is between you and your Maker. I probably wouldn't even discuss this lifestyle with you...unless you push your lifestyle on me or my family.

OK, so back to my story...

The couple sits down...and begin to kiss! Yup, right there in the restaurant, next to my son, being seen over the half wall!

I called the waitress over and I say to her, "Could you please tell that couple to get a room. I don't need my kids sitting here seeing that."

She goes to the couple and says something (I cannot hear, but I am assuming she is telling them to cool it as I requested).

Then, one of the girls gets up and goes to the back of the restaurant...you know...where the employees go!

I call the waitress over again and ask, "Does that girl work here?" To which she responds, "Yes."

Are you kidding me? The lesbian girl kissing her girlfriend in the dining room next to my 10 year old son IS AN EMPLOYEE????

I then asked for a manager.

I retold the situation to the manager...who seemed to be unaware. Her response was kind of half-hearted. She said that they try to keep things professional at the restaurant and she would do what she could to make this stop.

She did tell the girls to leave the restaurant.

I am not very pleased with the response.

When I worked food service, we were not even allowed to be in the dining room when we were off the clock. We were either at work, or we weren't. No hanging out!

Needless to say, I am disgusted with the entire situation! Probably be awhile before I decide to visit this restaurant again...or was I at a gay bar?


~LL~ said...

Are you KIDDING ME? Oh my!!!

It's bad enough to be practicing such abomination, but to flaunt it? I would hate to have to explain that one to my child. I pray that, if you haven't talked yet, that God gives you the right words to what cold very well be a very sticky situation.

:p I don't know that I'll be able to visit that restaurant, myself.

Just a Troll said...

what are you so afraid of? you say you don't want them pushing their lifestyle on you or your family, but unless you just stay inside for the rest of your life, you are going to be exposed to different lifestyles. I agree with you that kissing in a public place is inappropriate, to a degree, but the fact that they were gay really isn't the issue. The issue is yours, and if it is such a huge problem for YOU, then you should stay home.

Cammie said...

Just a Troll,

The name seems to fit you!

No, you see, being gay is not my issue, it is GOD'S issue! It is stated plainly that it is wrong!

I should not have to be exposed to such behavior at a family restaurant. I do not want my children exposed to this type of behavior either! You see, I did not take my children to a gay bar, I took them to a restaurant!!!

Also, I might expect this from just the average 'Jane' off the street, but from the empolyees? I think not. Professionalism should be the key! It was not!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion - however wrong it may be!

That TrollAgain said...

Why do you think everyone holds the same beliefs as you? Obviously there are different lifestyles that do not include 'god'. Why do you think it is ok to dictate how people live their lives and what they believe? A public restaurant is for everyone, not just you and people like you. As I said before, you need to stay home if it offends you so much.

I'm sure the restaurant will be just fine if you never go back.

Cammie said...


Obliviously you are confused! this is MY BLOG and these are MY THOUGHTS!

I do not believe everyone has the same beliefs as me. I do not push my beliefs on people in a public place and I would expect them not to do so either.

Again, you are missing the point...this person was an employee of the restaurant. If it were a heterosexual couple, of which one was an employee, I would expect them not to have PDA and remain professional in their workplace. I believe you are missing the point all together.

Anyway, I will not continue to have this 'debate' with you. We must agree to disagree!

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