Monday, February 4, 2008

Made In China

I have a daughter that is...

And, therefore, I have altered my thinking on other things that are.

I used to think that we should try to avoid buying things that are made in China (I know, easier said than done). Now, after being in the country and seeing the living conditions and the way the people are trying to make a living, I think differently.

I tend to smile now when I buy things that are made in China.

I tend to think that I am helping Kaylee's biological family.

I remember back to our trip and seeing how people have so little.

I think about how, if we all stop buying 'Made in China', those families would be devastated.

I know that their labor laws are awful. I know that it is not fair to make their children go to work. I know that their government benefits greatly from these exports. I KNOW...

but, if all Americans stopped buying these products, none of that would change. If these factories closed down, these families would probably not have jobs at all. The government would not change their labor laws and they would continue to benefit from exports to other countries.

All of this to say, when you see those "Made in China' products, smile, knowing that you are helping another human being to make ends meet.

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~LL~ said...

Wow...what a way to look at that! Point well taken.

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