Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My New Found Love

Have you been to Craig's List?
This is my new found love!
After all, we are moving and I don't want to pack up all the unwanted items, so I decided to try to sell them.
It was super easy.
Took pictures of the items, went to the site, wrote a description and uploaded the photos.
Took about 1 hour to post 5 items.
Within 3 hours, I had sold 4 out of the 5 items!
Super cool!
The best part...IT'S FREE!!!!!
Tomorrow I have to meet people to 'make the exchange' but I figure that if I had used the competitor, I would have to go to the post office tomorrow, right?
Now, I am scouring the house for other things to sell!


~LL~ said...

I'm linking you to my sidebar :)

Amanda said...

oh goodness, I love Craig's list too!! I use it all the time!! Thanks for the comment!

Cammie said...


Thanks for the link! I consider that a huge compliment :)

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