Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1.Sleep, 2.Sleep

Well, today was Homeschooling, Day Two, and we had our first 'mishap'.
We are using 'Shurley English, Grade 4' for our English/Writing curriculum. In the text, there is a section for vocabulary development...the student is given 4 words; they are to write the words, look up the definitions and write a sentence using the word correctly. Today's words were: bold, timid, slumber, sleep. All was going well, we are learning how to use a dictionary more effectively (all that is in me wanted to show him how to look it up online, but that is another post), looking up words, reading and writing definitions...just cruisin' right along! Then, we get to 'sleep'...
Here is what Jake reads:
'Sleep: 1. to rest or be in a state of sleep, 2. to have sexual intercourse - usually used with with'
After I quit laughing!, I said, 'The only definition you need to know right now is, 'to rest'.'
I can tell homeschooling is going to be quite an adventure! :)


Christine said...

You win this week's "A Funny Thing Happened in Homeschool" Award. I don't think it exists, but it is worth creating!

Cammie said...

I would display that award proudly!

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