Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Step-Sister is Back!

Many of you know I super-puffy heart LOVE Facebook! Yes, I was dragging my feet to join...couldn't figure out why I needed to. Many friends told me how great it was and I just refused to listen.

Then, my mother called.

She told me that she had found my step-sister on Facebook...she thought. She wasn't sure because my step-sister was using a different last name. Her mother's maiden name to be exact.

So, I googled my step-sister and find her Facebook profile. It was her and she was using her mother's maiden name as her last name. I wanted to leave a comment but I couldn't unless I join Facebook, so I joined. Yup, that's the reason I finally broke down!

There has been A LOT of water under the bridge between my dad (step, but for 35 years, so dad) and my step-sister. A LOT!!! It has been fantastic that Facebook has opened up the lines of communication between the members of our family.

It started that my step-sister would ask me about a scenario that her mother had described to her, I would ask dad his side and then relay that back. It is interesting how the same scenario can have so many different sides! My dad wasn't too sure about these stories being dredged up again, but I explained that I thought he owed it to everyone involved to re-tell these stories...especially if my step sister was ready to hear the other side...not just her mother's side.

So, we told stories back and forth for the better part of 6 months.

Dad complaining the whole time.

Then, one day, my mother called me. She had made plans for she and my dad to go visit my step-sister. We are talking after YEARS of not seeing or talking to each other. She didn't know how to tell dad. Afraid he would be very upset. She finally told him and he was a bit put out, but he got over it.

So, they went, met grandkids they had never met, reconnected with my step-brother and sister and had a great time!

Even with all the grandkids, Jake is the lone boy!

When they returned, I asked dad if he was now ok with me contacting my step-sister via Facebook and he teared up and gave me a hug. I think that answers my question!

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