Monday, May 11, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Now that my E-Party is concluded, I feel the need to catch you up on some things that I left hanging...

1. As you probably know, I have spent the better part of 16 months serving on our search committee for Director of Preschool Ministries. Well, I am happy to say that yesterday, our church voted...and approved out candidate! I am so excited that Tobey is soon to be a part of the FBCSA Staff! I can't wait to see the exciting things that will happen in the Preschool area in the years to come!

2. Team Tabb
Update Given By Jennifer on May 13:

Landon successfully nursed on me for the first time this morning!!! It wasn't a lot, but it kept him satisfied until his next feeding! And, yesterday he finished his entire bottle both times it was offered to him! YEA!! He wants to come home! :-) (And, I suspect he WILL be home within a couple of weeks--max.)

Leila and Logan were slightly less than motivated to nurse or take a bottle this a.m. However, yesterday Leila finished half of her bottle in the morning and the whole bottle last night! Logan, is just slackin'! He has taken a few swallows from the bottle, but he doesn't really care to work for food apparently. ;-)

Landon was 5lbs 2.1oz last night---my chunky monkey. Logan reached 3lbs 15.5oz (Landon's birth weight), and Leila was 3lbs, 13.5oz. They're moving right along.

The doctor said he expects them all to be home within a month! WOW!

(formerly known as the Quad Squad) are doing very well. Unless you have been hiding under a rock and not reading my blog, you know that I have a dear friend that recently gave birth to quads. Unfortunatly (to us on this earth, anyway), little Ella Faith is sitting at the throne of Jesus. The other three are still in the hospital, but no oxygen, no PIC lines. Logan is even in an open air crib already! Amazing! So, what's left? The other 2 have to be able to hold their body temps and all of them need to learn to suck/swallow/breath so they can get theri feedings by mouth. God is AWESOME!




3. You know how much I LOVE this bag...well, some great things are on the horizon! My girl and I are working on some things and we will let you know as soon as we can!

4. The E-Party went really well. There were 6 orders that I know of...from people that would not otherwise know about Plum Precious Gals (which is the point of an E-Party) so that is great in my book. Do not know what I earned yet...or how much my E-Party donated towards adoption, but I will let you know as soon as I have those numbers.

Just thought I would tie up some loose ends today. Have a great one!

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Jennifer said...

Cammie, I HAVE been under a rock and didn't realize you had a blogspot! I love it! And bless your heart for including Team Tabb as an integral part of your life.

Landon (big boy) is now 5lbs and some change! (HE is the baby in the open crib.) Logan is nearly 4lbs and Leila is only a few ounces behind him. I'm sure in the next week or so they will be in open cribs as well (my estimation).

They have all been working on learning the suck/swallow/ breath thing by "practicing" for one feeding per shift (2x/day). They are offered either a bottle or me. Today, 5-12-09, Landon took an entire feed with a bottle! THAT'S A HUGE MILESTONE!!! Leila is trucking along and took half of her feeding with the bottle! Logan wasn't as interested but took about a third of his feeding orally! Today was great! This was the first time over the past week that any of them have shown progress with the oral feeding!

YEA! Thank you Lord! At this rate, Landon may be home within a couple of weeks (purely my speculation). But, the doctor said they'd all be home in around a month!
PRAISE GOD! Thank you Lord for dear and treasured friends like Cammie!

Love you girl,
Jennifer (of Team Tabb)

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