Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well, On 2nd Thought...

...I love their bag, but their customer service SUCKS!

I returned two shells to be exchanges OVER A MONTH AGO and have yet to get my two in return!

Holy Hooch!

I called today to check on the status of the order and was told that they no longer carried one of the ones I wanted in exchange...what, well, you had it a month ago when I sent those shells, which one would you like now? Well, this is my chance to get one of the new shells that I want but can't afford to buy right now! So, I asked for the new shell THAT HOLDS PICTURES!! You know that is right up my alley!

So, although the bag is terrific...and their return policy is too, the speed with which they exchange those returns is at a turtle's pace.

I will let you know when and if I ever get the exchanged shells!

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