Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Chair

My birthday is next week. I had been eyeing a chair for the living room. The empty space in the corner of the living room needed some life!

So, I went to the furniture store and checked out what they had.

I fell in love with this little number...

When I decided to go ahead and purchase the chair for my early birthday present, I decided it needed a side table. After all, what's a good reading chair if there is no place to set your soda while you're there? I found this side table at Hobby Lobby. Furniture was 30% off, so I grabbed it!

Next, a cute little lamp to go on the table. Maybe with an ice blue shade!

Remember, it goes with this.

Don't you think it is a lovely addition?


~LL~ said...

Ooooooo B) I love your new chair and table! That table would look GREAT with a Dr Pepper on it. :D

lana said...

OK so this is the husband and I decided were going to seriously start saving some $$$ for home decor make over. So... what I want to know is when I get the money will YOU come and pick out my stuff!!!
I LOVE all you have done with your house...
This chair rocks my world!

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