Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's For Dinner?

I don't know about you, but I have many nights where homemade dinner

just isn't going to happen!

I am trying to avoid the drive thru...

for many reasons!

But, I need a quick meal...

I don't want to or have time to cook!

Well, Super Suppers to the rescue!

Now, I never really understood the whole

'Come in and Cook' concept

I mean, I can cook at home, why would I lug myself to your store to do it?

But, I received an email recently on their 'Grab and Go' meals.

You guessed it, they make the meal and put it in their freezer.

You go in, grab a few, and take them home to heat and eat!

That is fabulous!

The email I received had a '7 for $77' special.

That's $11 for a meal for 4!

Can't drive thru for that amount of money!


lana said...

I've TOTALLY wanted to try this. We have it here and I've thought it may be good for us and my crazy work schedule. Let me know how the food was.

I'm going to go to our local website for the special.

OH yeah... you need to get on Facebook... so many HPU pals!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Huh, that is really cool. Neat idea. Thanks for telling us about it. Okay, and by the way, I get a little freaked out, every time I come to your sight. Here is why, remember that I used to come up to HPU, often, to visit Lana. Well, I developed a BIG OLE CRUSH on Mr. Wayne Cotton. OH YES I DID!!! Anyway, that lasted about one semester. Hee hee hee. Just had to share that with you. I actually get a kick seeing his picture. Anyway, I just had to share my embarrassing moment with you. Aren't you glad, ha ha

Cammie said...

I have tried 4 of the meals (King Ranch Chicken, Chicken Enchiladas, Heavenly Chicken and Asain Pork Roast). The one thing I will do differently next time is to buy all casseroles. When I made the Heavenly Chicken and the Asain Pork, I had to come up with sides to go with them. With the 2 others, it was all-in-one dinner, which really was my intent when I decided to use the special offer...Just my 2 cents. The best deal is the 7 for $77...wait for it! (BTW, also a good solution when you have to take a meal to the church family that just had a baby or is sick :) )

Who didn't have a crush on Wayne Cotton??? Imagine my surprise when I came across his wifes blog when I was surfin' Chinese Adoption Blogs one day. There he was, in her header, I had to comment and ask if he was who I thought he was...and sure enough! Unfortunatly, my fund raiser didn't go so well for them and now it is over. Maybe you are not as freaked out by my 'McCain Palin' button.

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