Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chore Chart

Let me start by saying that I have never been much of an allowance kind of mom. I think my 10 year old should do chores because he is part of the family. I mean, after all, no one pays me to vacuum or cook dinner or clean the toilets. I do it because I am the mom.

But, I also don't like buying me son everything he asks for at the store...I don't like being asked for things at the store...I think my son should save his money and buy what he wants.

Hmmm...won't pay him for his chores, yet I want him to buy the things he wants with his own money...doesn't add up, does it.

So, along with the new homeschool year, I implemented a new chore chart.

Jake has a list of 5 chores that should be done every day. When he completes a chore, he can put a sticker on the chart. He can earn extra stickers for helping with extra things (like bringing in the groceries, helping with the lawn, etc.). A full chore chart = $5.

Let me say that this week we have had no grumbling over the chores. He does them happily! He has already been making some decisions on what he wants to buy with his money.


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