Friday, August 1, 2008

Nancy Pe...Who?

Update: I heard on the news that our wonderful Speaker finally decided that whe would let the House vote on the drilling when everyone came back on vacation...awfully white of her!

Have you heard?

This Nancy idiot tried to pull a fast one!

Image by Keb

Instead of being a woman and discussing the drilling issue today, she turned off the lights, turned off the micorphones and left.

Took her toys and went home, so to speak!

While a fellow Representative was in mid-sentence!


Most of the Republicans (and some Democrats) have flooded The House floor and are working to get your Representatives back in session.

I cannot believe the gall of some people!

Sean Hannity was so upset about it that he gave the phone number for Congress on his show a few days ago. Obviously, everyone was trying to call when I was, because 'all circuits were busy'. Aren't you glad you weren't that switchboard operator? When I finally didi get through, Pelosis' mailbox was full...imagine that!


~LL~ said...

for a woman....she has a set of big ones, doesn't she? She is just VILE!!! When she doesn't get her way, she stomps her foot and throws a tantrum. I can't wait until she loses her job.

Cammie said...

Hi LL,

Good to hear from you again!

I totally agree with everything you said!

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