Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jacob is a Miracle

I thought you might be interested in visiting this site. This is Suzanne's friend, Elizabeth, and her son that has made some great strides.

Check it out. Be encouraged. Pray for The Homans.


Kendra said...

Thanks for the prayers! Once again a long anticipation for nothing...well, i guess we are still under tornado watches 'til midnight. We had some crazy wind and hail though! are guys? Have you settled in good in the new house yet?

Lisa said...

Hey Cammie, thanks for visiting my site. You crack me up about me and Lana. I don't know about how cute we were in college, but we were pretty cute toddlers!!! The cool think is, my Grace looks just like we did when we were this age. Fun, and weird to see myself.. AGAIN. ha ha.Have a great weekend. You are doing a good job helping Lana with her site.

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