Friday, April 4, 2008

Lost and Found!

Haven' t posted on this in awhile, but in case you are keeping tabs...we are still in with the in-laws.

I cannot begin to tell you what a crazy ride this has been!

We have been put off by Countrywide in every way possible! You see, the seller has been trying to do a 'short sale'. She lost her job a few months back and wanted to sell the house before she was foreclosed on. Well, we placed our offer on February 6th and Countrywide still has not answered us. First, the file was in the wrong department, then the bank wanted to do an appraisal, then the bank wanted to do another appraisal, then the file was taken to the correct department, then the file was still tagged for the other department and sent back, of April 1st, Countrywide has a new policy that loss of job is not reasoning for a short sale. WHAT???? So, now the seller has to re-apply to see if she is eligable for a short sale. HUH??? So, it looks like that house will fall thru! Thus, Lost!

Alas, when I heard the last bit of news about the new ruling effective April 1st, I told my realtor that I wanted to look at houses again. We went today and boy did I find a gem. This house makes the first house look like a cardboard box! It is beautiful!!! It needs very little work and it is only about a half a mile from the original house. Thus, Found!

I, once again, am amazed at how God works. If everything would have gone thru with the first house, I would have never seen this one...which truly is closer to what I always thought we would have. Also, for the first house we would have to work money differently. Now, after being 'homeless' for 6 weeks, we have money in the bank and are in a better place to do what we need to.

Thank you Lord for knowing exactly what we need!

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Barbara Elliott said...

Thanks for the update! The prayers will continue . . .

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