Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fish Bladder?

No. Not a new delicacy...

But a Science Experiment!

Did you know that fish had a 'bladder'? No, not that kind of bladder. One that they fill with various amounts of air, depending on at what depth they want to swim.

No, I didn't either, but we learned about it in our science lesson yesterday. Then, did an experiment to see how it works.

Here is what we needed. A tub of water and 3 balloons. One balloon filled entirely with air, one filled entirely with water and one half air and half water.

Then, one at a time, place each balloon in the water and record what you see...

the 'air' balloon floats on top, the 'water' balloon sinks to the bottom and the '1/2 and 1/2' balloon floats just under the surface.

Just as a fish does when he fills his bladder with air or water!

So interesting!

Score another one for Homeschooling!

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