Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Son and His Food

Rocks In My Dryer hosts a 'Works For Me Wednesday' and this is the first time I am adding to that...but it's a backwards post...I need to know what works for you!

Here's my dilemma...

My son is 9 (almost 10) years old and he loves to eat! Now, I do my best to limit his intake. We have breakfast, no snack, lunch, snack and then dinner. The snacks consist of fruit, veggies, snack crackers or such.

He is a moderatly active child. He is involved in Tae Kwon Do 2 nights a week, plays in the church gym one night a week and is on an Asian Dance Team that meets one night a week.
This said, he is a bit overweight which is why I consider this issue to be of utmost importance.

Here's where I need help...when I am not watching my son will eat more than he should. For instance, the other day at church, we had breakfast. While I was with him, he had 1 breakfast taco and 1 donut. Great! Then, he went to his Sunday School class and...had 2 kolaches and a cupcake. When I found this out, he stated that this was a snack! Ugh! Not 30 minutes after he had breakfast with me! Then, yesterday, we went to Chick-fil-a. He had a sandwich and fries. My daughter didn't finish her fries. He asked if he could finish them and I said no. Then, a few minutes pass and I throw everything into a bag and ask him to throw it away. On his way to the trash can, he is digging in the bag to find the fries and eat them! UGH!!!

So, my question, how do you control your child's eating? Not when you are watching, but when you are not with them. What works for you?

**UPDATE** Jake's Sunday School teacher (who I did not know read my blog - Hi Julie :) ) stopped me in church to say that Jake actually had 2 pigs in a blanket and a mini cupcake. So, his church binge wasn't as bad as I thought, but this is still something I want him to be conscious of.


~LL~ said...

I don't have that problem. I have the opposite that won't eat and need supplements.

First, I would say that as long as he is active and not overweight, maybe it is a phase. But it does seem to be a bit out of control, huh?

Perhaps talking about how his body is a temple and if he doesn't keep it healthy for God, how can God use it for his service?

The Byrd Family said...

I have the opposite problem too...a child that won't eat.

Maybe call your pediatrician and take him in to talk about diet with someone else besides you. You know parents don't know anything!! :)

He may have to do some more physical exercise like running to burn more calories. I will be praying God sends you an answer.

Danielle said...

I didn't want the contest to make anyone sad! Email me and let's see what we can do!

cristie said...

Hi! I saw your posts on our blog. What a small world indeed that your son was inside one of the dragon suits at the festival! My oldest two children LOVED the dancers while Maliah ... was a "ittle bit scawey".
I saw your blog for your daughter. Isn't she a doll! I also saw that you have blog links for the Osborn family on the side. You must know Lisa! Isn't Lindy a cutie! Well, seeing as your an adoptive Mom, I thought I'd share with you that we host an "adoption fellowship" group on the 1/3 Fridays up at Community Bible Church. The Osborns attend and it is a great group! Feel free to contact me with questions. We'd love for you to join us.

Mom2fur said...

I have four kids, two who are heavy and two who can't gain weight to save their lives. They range from 17-25 now. But back when my heavy son was about 11, he was eating everything in sight, too. Half the time, I think he ate without even realizing he was doing it. I'd say to him, "did you even taste that food?" (I swear he'd cram entire pieces of bread in his mouth.)
Our doctor told him that at the rate he was gaining weight, he'd hit 400 lbs. by the time he was 18 years old. So the doctor gave us an idea for something we call 'candy night.' Actually, it can be any kind of treat. Pick one day a week (we picked Friday), where your son can eat anything he wants. No child is going to eat a week's worth of snacks in one day. But if he can look forward to that one day when you won't say a word to him about what he's eating, maybe he'll be willing to forego too much snacking during the week. Of course, he should get his fair share of fruits and healthy snacks during the week. "Snack night" (or snack day or candy day) refers to whatever his heart desires.
You might also want to have your pediatrician check him out. The doctor could even talk to him about healthy eating. You know that sometimes, kids will listen to anyone except their parents, LOL!
For the record, James is now 21. He's still a heavy kid and always will be--I remember our doctor once commenting that his bones were 'huge.' But he surely isn't as heavy as he would have been if we didn't start that simple trick of 'snack night.' Good luck to you and your son--you are very smart to address this problem now, while he's still young!

Mom2fur said...

PS--one last thing. Don't forget your son has a lot of growing to do! So some of that weight will 'stretch out.'

Mom2fur said...

Hi, Cammie! As far as 'snack day,' my answer would be 'no' as far as commenting on what he's eating. It's just one day. And you know how kids miraculously turn deaf when you start nagging too much.

But what I would do (and did do) is ask him, "what special treat would you like for snack day? You can have anything you want."*
*I would say, 'anything you want that I can buy at the grocery and keep for you.' Otherwise, you'll be running to McDonald's every Friday whether you want to or not.

Something else you should remember is that he might be going through a growing stage. Don't be surprised if he shoots up 2 inches by the summer, LOL! Fruit and vegetables are good for him, but they might not 'satisfy' him. They aren't exactly filling--except maybe bananas. Can he eat nuts? That might fill him up a little more. The biggest thing is that he should eat to really taste and enjoy the food, not just to put something in his mouth. Talk to him about eating more slowly if he's wolfing things down.

I mentioned my son is a 'big' boy (well, he's 21). Your son might also be inclined to be 'big.' But they don't have to be obese. You're really smart to start on this now. My son is still struggling, but he's very concientious (sp?). He's been trying hard lately to cut down on calories and do some exercise. He won't even drink soda. (BTW--does you son drink soda or juice? The calories in them are ridiculous.)
In the long run, you really can't watch him 24/7, as you already know. The only thing you can do is gently instill good habits into his head so that he follows them on his own. It will take time--he's just a kid, LOL!

Kendra said...

Hey Cammie ~ you've probably never met my step daughter Kylie ~ she's 8, almost 9 and by far the LARGEST 8-9 yr old I know. She sneaks food as well, I've caught her hoarding food, and sneaking sweets when she thinks no one is paying attention. All you can is keep on the healthy food, and keep on the excercise, chances are he'll grow out of it if he stays active. However, we also take these measures...we don't have sweets or junk food in thehouse at all. We just don't. No cookies, crackers, cakes, sweets. (If I do have it I put it away when she comes and everyone does just fine without it.) Also, when he is eating more and more and you are with him "in the act" ask him if he feels like he looks different that other boys his age? Let him know that you would be willing to help him with more healthy food choices. One thing that will pack on the pounds faster than ANYTHING: POP (any kind), and sugar. SUGAR period. Those are the 2 things that stifle metabolism fast and heavy. You and David are tall, Jake will probably outgrow the chubbiness. I think my stepdaughter will too. But we have to help when we can, encourage and EDUCATE them on food, and keep them involved in active things. hope i didn't ramble too much.

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