Saturday, February 16, 2008

All Packed Up and No Place To Go!

My husband and I spent an incredible amount of time packing today! I don't know where all this stuff came from! To think, we already filled a 16 foot POD when we put the house on the market and it still took about 9 hours to get things packed today!

We close on the sell of this house on Thursday! And we don't know much about the house we made the offer on.

Here's what we do know...

1. We are the only offer the bank is looking at. Noone else can make on offer unless ours comes back denied.

2. The seller's realtor wants this to happen almost as bad as we do. She is going to walk-thru with the appraiser and point out all the work that the house order to help make the appraisal low so that the set price stands.

That's it! What we know in a nutshell!

Our realtor does feel that we have a good shot at getting the house. I have to believe her.

Keep praying!


Danielle said...

I hope you get the house! Keep us posted.

And good luck in the blog makeover contest. Your odds are looking pretty good :)

The Byrd Family said...

Thanks for coming by my blog...I will begin praying for everything to go well with your new home!

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