Saturday, February 2, 2008

Found It!

Well, the original plan was to go to a rent house, so many things in the Bowren household, that plan went out the window!

I have a great realtor that has sent me links to houses for about a year now.

I usually read them...

and delete them...

until now!

I read this link, that showed a house in a fantastic part of town, looked at the price and couldn't believe my eyes!

Is this for real? Is it really that much square footage? Is it really in that neighborhood? Is it really for that price?

I called my realtor, quickly!

She stated that this house was a 'short sale' (Of course, I had no idea what that meant, so I had to ask for clarification - if you're as nieve as I, it means the owner is trying to sell before being foreclosed upon).

'Oh, that's too bad', I said, 'When can I see the house?'

The kids and I went and I knew about 4 feet into the house that this was the one! My realtor was on the phone before we had even finished looking at the entire house! As a matter of fact, we have made and offer and David hasn't even seen it yet!

We had to! As we were leaving the house, the investors were swooping in with their clipboards...and money!

Not to worry, David is going to see it tomorrow.

We probably won't hear if our offer was accepted for 2 weeks! Ugh! The bank that is foreclosing has to have The Board meet to approve the offer!

Pray! It would be a perfect move for us!


Anonymous said...

I will say some special prayers that you get your house!!!
Have a wonderful Chinese New Year!

kendra said...

Will be praying for you guys, tell everyone i said hello! I'm new to the whole blog thing so my linking and doing and writing and learning is coming slow but i'm gettin' it figured out. I'm so slow at this I just found your "my thoughts" page, I thought Kaylee's was the only one.

~LL~ said...

TOO COOL! Will pray you get the house!

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