Friday, November 9, 2007

I Remember...

Just read this post over at Osborn Odds n Ends and decided to write about some memories today.

Here's what I remember:

I remember having 2 sets of parents and 4 sets of grandparents. I thought I was lucky!

I remember going to my father's house and grandparent's house every summer.

I remember getting our first dog and naming her Cadillac McNack.

I remember moving A LOT!

I remember having an Irish Setter that ate my bycycle seat and knocked me down everyday when I came home from school.

I remember wanting to sleep with my older brother because he let me smoke his cigarettes.

I remember my good friend Wendy Neumeister. She was a ballerina.

I remember my parents fighting A LOT!

I remember having a sleep over and jumping on my brother's bed and it collapsed.

I remember my mother finding pot between the mattresses when she came to fix it.

I remember my brother getting into a lot of trouble.

I remember having an African American teacher and picking up her accent.

I remember loving to read.

I remember my 6th grade teacher telling my mother that I was 'too pretty for my own good'.

I remember my best friend was Nikki Nelson.

I remember having a crush on Leif Garrett and hanging his poster on my ceiling!

I remember eating sunny side up eggs 'grandpa style' (eggs on top of toast, eggs cut into miniscule pieces and then toast cut into bite size pieces).

I remember praying to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior in my Aunt Ann's guest bedroom.

I remember thinking my cousin was a brat!

I remember camping for 3 consecutive summers in Leakey, Texas with my cousins.

I remember falling off the dam on the Rio Frio because I followed an older cousin across it.

I remember going to church by myself.

I remember Ronda being a fantastic woman of the Lord and taking me under her wing!

I remember eating Corn-nuts and cracking a tooth in half. I still have a hole in my head where that tooth used to be!

I remember going to South Padre Island every weekend.

I remember my step-brother coming to live with us and our parents playing 'your kid-my kid' (different rules depending on who was your biological parent).

I remember shopping with my step-dad for my first car.

I remember when my mother told me I couldn't live with her anymore!

I remember moving in with the family of a high school friend. My parents had never met them when they left me there.

I remember moving to my father's house.

I remember the day I moved in was the day my grandfather died.

I remember a really bad poodle perm my senior year in high school.

I remember watching my father not be able to put down his alcohol.

I remember learning to play games with my step-mom...blackjack, skip-bo, chicken name a few.

I remember my father going to jail...and re-hab.

I remember being part of a great church and youth group.

I remember Cathy L. being a person I could go and talk to!

I remember lying on my step-mom's bed, crying while whe told me that she wanted to divorce my dad.

I remember begging her not to...not for his sake, for mine.

I remember not wanting to go to college.

I remember going with my best friend to visit Howard Payne. Her parents would not let her drive up by herself. I was just going along for the ride.

I remember coming home and telling my parents that I wanted to go to HPU.

I remember my father taking me to HPU.

I remember being sad that my step-mom couldn't take me.

I remember getting to HPU and not having a room assignment.

I remember getting a 'party animal' room-mate! At HPU!

I remember wearing men's boxers as shorts to class numerous times.

I remember working my way through college. Now, I am proud of that fact.

I remember my father calling me during dead week to tell me that my step-mom was filing for divorce.

I remember calling my step-mom at work, crying!

I remember my step-mom saying, 'I'm divorcing your dad, not you!'

I remember going home that my step-mom's house!

I remember, a year later, getting a call from my mother telling me that my father was not my father (surprise, 21 years later!).

I remember being pissed!

I remember graduating from HPU and moving to San Antonio.

I remember the phone ringing at 2am telling me that my grandmother passed away.

I remember my world, as I knew it,-falling apart because of it!

I remember years of counselling.

I remember having my first serious relationship.

I remember knowing it was a dead-end but hanging around anyway.

I remember seeing David for the first time and knowing he was the one...even before meeting him.

I remember the not-very-romantic proposal.

I remember 'ruining Christmas' when we got married (at least that's what one of HIS family members said).

I remember wanting to walk through the middle of the hotel lobby in my wedding gown!

I remember being told we were having a boy.

I remember being told he had craniosynostosis.

I remember my mother-in-law fainting in my hospital room.

I remember giving my 5 1/2 month old son to the nurse for his first head surgery.

I remember having my first ruptured ovarian cyst...and 2nd...and 3rd.

I remember giving my 5 year old son to the nurse for his second head surgery.

I remember moving to Lubbock.

I remember hating it and begging David to get me back home.

I remember moving back home.

I remember going to the hospital to have a hysterectomy.

I remember waking up to my husband and best friend talking about my ovaries not being removed.

I remember being pissed!

I remember the 4th ovarian cyst, 2 months after my 'hysterectomy'.

I remember being rushed to out-patient to have the ovary removed.

I remember telling the doctor that I wasn't paying those bills.

I remember him being pissed!

I remember my mother calling me to see if I would adopt a relative's baby.

I remember saying, 'YES!'

I remember that fell through.

I remember the feeling of wanting to adopt did not fall through.

I remember talking to David about adopting.

I remember talking to Jake about having a sister.

I remember the long wait!

I remember having anxiety attacks about going to China.

I remember seeing Kaylee for the first time.

I remember the airport reunion with all our friends and family.

I remember deciding to home-school my son.

Wow! Time to go make more memories!

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