Monday, September 20, 2010

Love My Nook

I know, I know, I told some of you that I didn't understand why you would have an ereader. Let me just say that I am ok eating those words.

Let me explain how my view changed...

I love to read. I read in the tub, I read in the evenings when there is nothing on TV, I read on a Saturday morning when everyone else is asleep. I love to read.

That said, I hate going to the library. The branch closest to us is housed in the high school. That's a great idea, but doesn't work very well. The public can only go on from 4-9pm. These are not very convienient hours for me. This is homework time, dinner time, prep for the next day time...not library time. If, by chance, I can make it during these hours, the selection is very limited. It is a high school library, after all. So, browsing is not very fun. Yes, I can get online at home, choose my book, have it transferred, yadda yadda, but that's not very fun either.

I love a bookstore. I love to go to Barnes and Noble and look at all the tables. I love to see what's new. I love the jackets of books to see it that book interests me. This tends to cost me a lot of money. When I find a book worth reading I want to buy it right then. I don't have the patience to wait for the paperback version. So, I tend to have a lot of money invested in hardbacks that I only read one time.

Then enter ereaders. I tell people that I don't understand the point...just read a real book. Until I do a bit of research. I decide to research the 2 leading ereaders, Nook and Kindle. I find out that Kindle is supported by Amazon, which I rarely use, and Nook is supported by Barnes and Noble, which I love! I do a bit more research and discover the Nook is compatible with our local library! This means that I can log on to the library at home and download a book to my Nook and read for free! Then, the book will disappear after 3 weeks...just like checking out a physical book from the library. I also discover that ebooks are anywhere from $10 to $15. This is considerably less than the $30 I have been paying for books.

So, I asked for my Nook for Mothers Day and have been loving it ever since. To this point, I have been buying ebooks (which I usually get for free using my Swagbucks, but that is a different post altogether). Today, however, I sat at the computer long enough to figure out how to download from the public library. I just started reading Somewhere Inside, downloaded this morning.

So, all that to say, I changed my view because of the money I can save using an ereader. I chose the Nook because it is compatible with my public library...and I love B&N!

Well, back to my Nook. Have to finish the book before it disappears and heads back to the public library!

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Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

I have wanted a Nook for sometime now for all the reasons you listed. Doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon though. I do the same thing at B&N looking at books I am interested in. For now, I take a pic of the book and check the library online catalog. Luckily our library branch is nearby with great hours.

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