Thursday, April 8, 2010

I was Green before Green was Cool!

As you know, Christine called me out on her blog. The funny thing was, I sent her a text when I read the post and gave her a hard time for doing so.

We chatted and laughed (totally LOVE her!).

The more we chatted, the more I remembered...

She was telling me about how the disgusting composting potty thing worked...'blah, blah, with a bucket underneath...blah, blah, blah...carry it out to the composting pile when it's full and dump it...blah, blah, blah...' (she sounds like that, you know)

My response...'Holy crap, Christine! I was green before green was cool! When we were young, we would take road trips. My parents (*ahem* Dad) hated to stop for us to pee! They were in the restaurant business and ALWAYS bought pickles in 5 gallon buckets for the restaurant (you know, like the orange ones you can now purchase at Home Depot). When they were empty, they would bring them home for our next road trip. Instead of stopping, we would have to pee in those. Then, when we did stop, we would dump the contents on some plant in the middle of no where.'

Composting at it's finest!

I was Green before Green was cool!

(Btw, I also mentioned to Christine in that same conversation that I would NOT be stopping by to enjoy a fresh, home-grown salad!)


Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

3rd world countries have had composting toilets for eons.People had those before indoor plumbing too. They are called an outhouse or longdrops.
My dad was the same way about stopping. If it got bad, he pulled over on the side of the road & you went there. It takes talent & skill as female to pee outside without getting any on your shoes or clothes.

~LL~ said...


Having only boys, I make sure that we have a few empty water bottles for our trips. LOL!

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