Friday, January 29, 2010

HomeSchooling Dilemma

As you probably know, I homeschooled Jake for 4th and 5th grades. Although I loved it very much, I was feeling really burnt out towards the end of last year. For many reasons, we all decided for Jake to go back to public school for Middle School.

I have regretted that decision since about September...

We decided that since we started the year, we need to finish it. Everyday I wonder if we made the right choice.

Jake is a C/D student (he comes by that naturally). He probably always will be. He struggles DAILY with his grades. He learns concepts at a slower pace than the 'norm'. I think I could slow things down for him to make sure he grasps the concepts better.

However, Jake LOVES school. He loves being with the kids. He loves his teachers and classes. He loves taking Drama as an elective.

My heart is torn. It is time for me to be making decisions for next year. I need to decide if he will remain where he is or go back to homeschooling. My heart is torn.



~LL~ said...

Sadly, no. Only you and your family can decide this. Just keep praying. Ask for definite signs for either.... that way, you know without a shadow of a doubt.... Hugs!

Barbara said...

I will add this to my prayer list. I know it is a hard choice for you all. God will show you the way you need to go.

Birthblessed said...

Found you via Christine and the tat comment. LOL

1) My sister's name is Cammie. Really.

2) We choose school year by year, but I don't make them finish a year just because they started it. I won't let them just go into a school after about November, but they can quit a school at any time past November. Give it a good college try.

3) Really, as far as school goes, you just have to get a reading on that child. I have one who doesn't excel academically but school is right for him. You can just tell. Then another child, school wasn't really right-- he has gone into and out of two schools. He wants to try it again next year in 8th grade- because he'd like to play high school football. And so I have a feeling he'll make it work, if he really wants football.

Come by my blog sometime, it was nice to meet you!

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