Tuesday, January 26, 2010

09 Rewind...

It has been a crazy long time since I have been on here!

I need to start by going back to '09 a bit.

I promised photos of the Carpenter Reunion and never posted those...so here are a few photos from a fabulous Thanksgiving reunion.

First Cousins (3 are missing)

Cousins Kids (all present!)

We had a fantastic time catching up with one another! We hope that it is not another 10 years before we get together again.

The 2nd part of '09 rewind is an update on Miche.

One of the reasons I could not find my way to my blog in December was because Miche Girls were VERY busy! We had our best month ever! Thanks so much to those who sent business our way. We appreciate you!

'09 Rewind, Part 3 concerns my brother.

Yup, hell must've frozen in December, because, after 10 years, my brother came to visit!
I love my brother TONS! I have great memories of him as a kid. However, I do find it hard to hold a conversation with him. He has such an interesting personality and it is a bit hard to connect with him. He is hilarious, though and I find that part of him very interesting! He and my Kaylee seemed to hit it off quite well!

Also, in December '09, we celebrated 3 years of having Kaylee in our family. We had a quiet celebration at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Well, I think I have brought you up to 2010 now. Can't wait to see what this year has in store!

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