Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kitchen Remodel on Hold

Well, I told you recently that I wanted to remodel my kitchen.

It is bad...I mean, formica hell bad!

I had a few remodeling companies come in and give me quotes to gut and re-do. I thought they were actually quite reasonable.

So, I called the bank to talk about a home improvement loan. OUCH! To get the amount of money we need to do what we want would have a payment of $1000 a month! Holy Cow! That's another house payment!

So, we will need to be waiting and saving some cash.

My husband and I did agree that while we are waiting, we can do some of the little the window seat cushion in the entryway and the downstairs bathroom. Things that will make me feel like there is progress being made.

Keep watching to see the upgrades!


Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

I bet mine's worse! It has avacado green formica for countertops and backsplash. The backsplash is not just confined to the oven area either. It is everywhere there is countertop, the formica goes up the wall for at least 12-15 inches. I have the original avacado green double oven too plus a matching non-working trash compactor. Don't get me started on the cabinets or cheap ugly lineoleum on the floor!

~LL~ said...

Oh my! I need to work on my kitchen, too. But, we are looking at things we can do because of the cost. We can peel the wallpaper, paint, sand and paint the cabinets. That will have to do

Cammie said... have me beat on the color, but not the formica...I live in formica hell...all over the counter tops, backsplash, and up the wall. Double ranges stand side by side...yes, you heard me, ranges side by I have double ovens, but not in a double ovens sort of way!! I will say I have tile on the floor, but it is AWEFUL!! I have no is one of those 'large cabinets that act as a pantry' pantries. HATE IT!!!

LL, that is what I an going to start on after the holidays...peeling wallpaper and painting. And saving money for the real upgrades!

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