Friday, October 2, 2009

The Big Bag is here!

As you know, I am a Miche Bag Representative.

They have been making a great small bag for about 3 years.

Many clients have been asking for a big bag. The company listened and it is FINALLY HERE!

And a beauty too, I might add!

It will make a great slouchy purse, computer bag or diaper bag!

So cute! What do you think?

To see this bag and other Miche products, go to my Miche Girls website.


Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

What are the actual dimensions? And inside pockets? Love the look though and love my Miche bag!

Cammie said...

dimensions are 15 wide by 12 tall by 6 deep. I will post pics of the inside soon. Lots of organization!

Brandy said...

Is there a way to get some better close up views of the bags?

I'm interested in one but would need to see better photos than just small pictures like I saw on the miche girls page..

Brandy said...

I think I should add some clarification..

I would love to see closer ups of the inside and outside all around and a picture on someone for size comparison would be awesome!

Cammie said...

Brandy, Thanks for your interest.

Both sides of the Miche Big Bag are the same...minus the Miche logo.

As far as a picture on someone, I will take a few and post them soon.

Thanks for thinking of us!

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