Sunday, September 20, 2009

School is a Whirlwind

As you probably know, I felt that Jake should go to public school this year. This decision was made about March of last year and so we worked towards that goal.

Well, school has only been in 3 weeks and I cannot count the number of times I have said in my head, 'I should be doing this myself!'

Now, that being said, I do not know if this is just because he has only been in school for 3 weeks and things are still new or if I really should be doing it myself...probably a little of both. My friends tell me that it is a Middle School thing - the transition is hard no matter the background. Another thing that makes this difficult is that I am an 'if you start it, you finish it' kinda girl, so...we started it and we gotta finish it!

Let me tell you a bit about the frustration.

I CANNOT read minds...shocker, I know! If you let me know what needs to be done with my son and his education, I will be all over it...but I cannot guess at what you want us to accomplish! Then, if you stated what you want and we do what you have written, then Jake should be graded accordingly! The frustration and the tears have been massive around here...for him and me!

So, I would covet your prayers. For myself and Jake. I know we both want him to have a fantastic 6th grade year.


Christine said...

Oh, C, I'm really sorry. When two of mine were in public school for awhile, it was crazy because I was so used to being 250% involved in every facet of my kids' educations. Then, to find the balance with a teacher who was juggling so many ... well, and then we had the Tourettes, to boot. It was quite a ride.

What I do know, is that you will find your solution one way or the other - because you are Cammie. That's what you do. :)

FYI: while folding Willie's laundry yesterday, I thought, "Ahh, these are the britches he was wearing the day Cammie was here - and he just kept giving us a show."

Miss u.

Kevin Tabb said...

Hey sweetie,

I know I've shared with you before, but I will share it again here. Taylor was in private school until 6th grade, when he made the transition to public school. That was always the plan, but it was DIFFICULT!

I, unlike you, am not an "involved" parent, but when I begin to become frustrated over lack of communication, miscommunication, etc, then you KNOW it's bad.

Taylor seemed to be a completely different student that year--and not for the better! I found that barrages of emails to the teacher(s) of concern that were ALWAYS cc:d to the principal, his asst. principal, and his counselor at least got me a response. It at least seemed to keep the teacher(s) a little more "on their toes" when it came to dealing with us. Of course, I scheduled a conference, to Taylor's dismay. But, it did help somewhat.

Public school is a different beast! Middle school is a different beast! It really did just plain suck that year. It improved throughout the year, but it still was just hard. If it weren't for the fact that Taylor would've been completely devastated, I would've put him right back in private school. I knew that he would've really shut down, so we stuck it out.

We will pray. It will get better. You are the best mom! And, a great teacher. It's hard to balance those two, which exacerbates the situation. (That & you're a 'fixer!) All great things that will help you all get through this!

I LOVE YOU (& Mr. Jake),
...Team Tabb, Asst. Coach

Barbara said...

Hey girl,

I told you once Middle school just sucks.. there is not getting around it. You are an involved parent and in middle school that is RARE! Most middle school kids don't want parents to be involved and most middle school teachers aren't used to having parents involved or having parents asking questions. They expect kids to be independent and manage the chaos on their own. I am not saying that this is right but it is the reality of the situation.
I think part of this your frustration. They are not used to having to communicate expectations with parents in a consistant manner. It also takes more than 3 weeks for them to get a handle on 5-6 classes of 25-30 kids.. I know I am staying in elementary because I can't even wrap my brain around seeing 125+ kids everyday. How do you make accomadations, and provide intervention for that many kids in any realist way. It is just crazy! The other thing that I have encountered in middle school is the more you push as a parent the more it seems it is taken out on the student. It will all work out, God will bring good out of a bad situation. I will continue praying for you both.

~LL~ said...

Oh, Cammie....I will be praying. I know that has to be hard. As a middle school teacher, I found it so hard to transition the kids from being "little guys" that needed reminding of everything to "big guys" that took the initiative and responsibility for their own actions. For a few years, I taught in a 7th/8th grade school of over 1,000 students. I was 1 of 6 7th grade math teachers....I saw about 120 kids each and every day for close to 90 minutes each day (we blocked.) It was hard, but I was always thankful for the parents who seemed to care and opened up lines for me to communicate with them. It is hard, at first, because the teacher might be overwhelmed and feel under attack. But, once he/she/they get used to you and know that you aren't out to make their lives difficult, they will be grateful for you. HUGS!

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