Monday, August 3, 2009

UGH!!! Really?!?!?!?!

Don't you have it when you erase the pics from the camera before you download them to your computer?!?! Can't believe I did that!

I would have some really great before and after photos of the playroom rearrange...but...

Trust me, it looks really good!

(BTW...don't forget about my giveaway. See the previous post.)


Elizabeth said...

Done that waaaaay too many times myself!

~LL~ said...

OH NO!!!!

Amanda said...

Hey Cammie,

I found your blog because you commented on the Miracles in the Making blog and said Shaylee is your cousin's daughter. I was hoping to get an update on how Shaylee is doing...


Amanda Rooney

PandaMom said...

I am always nervous about pics getting erased or the computer crashing or the cd's breaking, or, or, or whatever might ruin them!! So sorry that happened! : (

Read my blog post from Aug. 4th. It'll be close to your heart.

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