Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Day with Christine

I told you last week that the kids and I were off to help Christine and family.

Well, my intentions were good!

The kids and I did trek down, wore our paint clothes, rolled our sleeves up...but Christine had other ideas!

You see, at this point, she had been working her tail off for the last 2 weeks. She wanted to sit and visit. So, we had a great time catching up in real life (as opposed to blog life). We talked about our families (we both have biological/adopted, multi-racial children), our husbands and their jobs, the move that her family recently made, and much more. It was a great chat.

The kids enjoyed running thru the RV park with her children, riding bikes up and down the big hill, playing with make-up and nail polish and playing DS...although, I think they liked the Krispy Kremes I brought the best! All the kids had a great time.

I even had the privilege of meeting her in-laws (who were so kind as to bring lunch for everyone!)!

Now, don't get me wrong, I so enjoyed chatting with Christine all day (after all, don't think we had seen each other in about 15 years), but I truly enjoyed the quietness of the park. I just kept sitting there commenting on how quiet it was. I could actually hear nature sounds and not cars honking and sirens blaring! I kept looking at the nature...the field across the street, the HUGE grasshoppers on the tree and the beautiful birds that were flitting about! What a peaceful existence!

I came home and asked my husband if we could purchase an RV...just so we could go chill out at Hill Shade!

For more about our day, hop on over and read Christine's take...


~LL~ said...

Sounds nice. I often think about the peace and quiet when I sit on the porch at night. I love it.

Kendra said...

Hey Cammie, RV's are pretty expensive and alot of upkeep. We looked for a used Pop-up camper a couple years ago and finally found a nice one. Of course, you don't have to set up RV's and fifth wheels, you just pull up and enjoy!

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