Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

Let me start by saying that I LOVE a bargain! I mean, super-puffy-heart LOVE a bargain!

Now, that being said, I DO NOT understand the Barnes and Noble 'savings card'.

I don't go to Barnes and Noble often. I usually borrow the book I want to read...either from a friend or a library. There are a few books that I want to from this series or this one, so, I occasionally find myself in a book store.

Every time I go in there and make a purchase, the ever so helpful clerk says, 'Would you like to save 10% today by applying for our savings card?' and every time, I respond, 'Is it free yet?' to which they normally respond, ''s $25 a year.' Then, I take them on a friendly back-and-forth banter that usually covers 'nothing is free', 'but Borders has a free rewards program', 'our savings is better', 'I won't pay to save money' and so forth.

So, tonight I went to B&N to meet my cousin (whom I reconnected with thru FB). She is enthralled, like most (except me) with the Twilight series and wants to get the 3rd one. We have coffee, do some looking and head to the check out. I have found a Christmas gift for a few family members and so I have some things to purchase. I get to the check-out before my cousin and the aforementioned conversation ensues between myself and the clerk. My cousin is just chuckling under her breath. Then, she checks out and HAS THE CARD!!! Now, she is all proud of the $1.99 that she saved on her purchase. I look at her and say, '$1.99??? Are you kidding me?? You paid $25 for the card! It will take you forever to make your money back.' She says, 'But I save on every purchase I make. You just made a purchase and didn't save anything.' WHAT??? Then, her clerk (different than mine) chimes in and says, 'You only have to spend $25 a month to make the $25 you paid.' WHAT???

Now, does this sound crazy to anyone but me? You pay for a card and after you make $250 in purchases, you break even?? Does no one understand that you have to buy over $250 a year to actually save money? I homeschooled for 2 years and did not buy $250 in books at B&N! I just don't understand how people don't get that! I don't think their own employees get that.

Like I said, I like a bargain, but I think this is a scam!

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Mommy Spice said...

LOL!! I agree. I think I bought the card one year when I was teaching, but never again because I realized I didn't actually benefit from the savings. You also have to renew it every year. It should be a one time buy.

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