Monday, April 6, 2009

Gel Pens REVOLT!

We are tired of being used!

This woman has carried us around in her calendar for over a year!

Why on earth does she need so many of us anyway? Why can't she just choose random pens to carry? No...she needs blue for one kids for the other kids for her activities...I mean, come on, could she be ANY MORE ANAL???

She uses us...chews on us...lets her kids abuse us...

We are NOT going to take it any more!

Here is the plan...

On Sunday, April 5th, WE ARE FINISHED!

Whichever of us she grabs first will start leaking all over her fingers. When she freaks out and sets that one free, she will grab the next one and that one will do the same. We will repeat this process until she finally frees us all! Hopefully she is smart and won't have to go thru all of us before she gets the clue...although, we may be giving her too much credit here!


Update by human: it only took me 4 pens bursting in the span of Sunday School and Worship Service to get the clue and set the pens free!

Photo courtesy of crazytales562

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