Monday, March 23, 2009

Redecorate Jake's Bedroom - Check!

Remove nasty blinds/window treatments - check.

Strip Wallpaper - check.

Find SECOND LAYER of wallpaper - check.

Strip second layer of wallpaper - check.

Remove everything from room, except necessities - check.

Scrub wallpaper glue off walls - check.

Clean baseboards - check.

Repair walls and baseboards - check.

Choose new wall color - check.

Purchase WAY TOO MUCH paint - check.

Paint ceiling - check.

Paint walls - check.

Decide blue next to the shocking orange would be a bad call - check.

Paint these walls with ceiling paint - check.

Paint ALL woodwork (and there is A LOT) - check.

Caulk all woodwork - check.

Replace all outlets and covers - check.

Move Furniture - check.

Hang cool Container Store desk unit - check.

Choose new window treatments - check.

Hang new window treatments - check.

Hang stage curtain (you'd have to know my som to fully understand this)- check.

Take way too long trying to get stage curtain right - check.

Reload 10 year old son's junk into room - check.

Clean up - check.

Take photos - check.


Here it is!




~B said...

Just - - wow!

Elizabeth said...

Huge bedroom! And you did an an awesome job! I am so impressed and envious. I have a half finished bathroom any time you want to come over.....

~LL~ said...

That looks awesome!!!

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