Friday, November 21, 2008

Cage Free Eggs???

I went to do my Thanksgiving shopping the other day...

Collected most of the things I needed...strolling thru the market to grab some eggs...

I get over to the dairy section and see a sign that says 'Cage Free Eggs'.


Now, does this REALLY matter?

Do we really need a section of 'Cage Free Eggs'?

Do eggs really taste different if they are from chickens that run free or those that spend their lives in a cage?

I found this to be a ridiculous idea!

(all you PETA members can save your comments...I am not heartless, but I think animals have no rights...just click the little red 'x' at the top right of your screen and move on.)


~LL~ said...


Barbara E said...


I know you might find this hard to believe, but these are the eggs that Doug and I buy. In Waco where I grew up, there is a chicken farm/processing plant and it seems I found out a little too much about how the chicken gets to my table - yuck! So the cage free sounds like a good idea to me - have you seen how tiny the cages are? Might be a good science project!

Still my friend? BBE

Cammie said...

Still your firend, but still don't get it...

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