Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girls Night Out

I had the joy of going out with the girls this past Friday night. Although I love my family, it is nice to go out with the girls and catch up with what is happening in our lives.

We went to Coco Chocolate Lounge and was so nice!

We enjoyed drinks...



and some iPhone fun :) Along with our talking and laughing, of course!

One of the best parts was the cute pen! We each got to keep!

Nice to go out with the girls!

Make time to connect with your girlfriends and 'fill your tank' with friendship!


Denise C said...

SO glad you had such a fabulous time with the girls!!! I love that cute little pen...but oh how I really want a piece of that yummy cheesecake!!!
Have a great week, my friend!!!

lana said...

OK... I want to hang out with you! What was the drink on top. It looks so fab!

Cammie said...

Lana, It would be fun to meet in the middle...San Marcus...and have dinner!

The drink on the top is a raspberry chocolate martini. It was YUM-O!

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