Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall is Here!

Although I live in a part of the country where Autumn really doesn't exist...

a girl can dream, can't she?


lana said...

lovely! Now, can you come do that at my house?

Denise C said...

Oh...I just love your decorations!!! I really really really love those pumpkins!!!! Would you mind sharing where you got them??? Those are so cute!!!
I love fall too....and the rich colors....!!!
Have a blessed day!!!

Cammie said...

Denise, got the super cute, wrought iron pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. These are from last year but I saw them there just about 2 weeks ago. They actually have a little circle in the bottom to hold a tea light, but I have never actually used that part.

Lana, sure I can come to your house...for a fee :)

Laura L. said...

This makes me smile. We are native Texans and have a good bit of family in your area actually. I am smiling because you dream of Autumn.
Well we have Autumn here in MN and Winter (6 mo. of it!) is not far behind. Enjoy your mild weather.
I miss Hobby Lobby.

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