Thursday, October 23, 2008

Been Sidetracked

Sorry I haven't been here in awhile.

Lana talked me in to joining Facebook and I have been spending a lot of time there.

I was very hesitant at first...

didn't think I would like it...

kinda felt like I was too old...

then, I talked to some people and they described Facebook as 'MySpace for grown-ups'

Oh! Cool! I am there!

So, I joined about 2 weeks ago and have found so many people!


kids I used to babysit that are now in their late 20s, early 30s (yea, if you do the math, that makes me 'pushing 40')

kids that used to live next door to the ones I babysat...that we played with all the time when I would babysit...yup, they have kids now!

best friends of the kids I used to babysit. We went to church with these kids and they, and their parents, always held a special place in my heart!

my best friend from Junior High...who has had a ton of changes in her life that I did not know about.

Many friends from college! Of course, it is a small place, where we knew everybody!

My step-sister that I have not seen nor talked to in MANY years.

Facebook has also helped mend a friendship of mine. A college friend and I ended our relationship on bad terms. We have talked on Facebook, apologized, and now we will be doing lunch next weekend. We both have 10 year old children that we have never met...

Another interesting thing about Facebook is when you find out 2 of your friends, from 2 different walks of life, know each other.

For instance, my best friend from junior high knows a friend of mine from college. It seems as though, when I moved away in junior high, my best friend moved also. She met my college friend in high school...then he goes to college and I meet him...and there we are, all on Facebook.

Another instance, a different college friend of mine is a friend of a woman I worked with after college. They live in the same town now and go to church together.

So interesting how different times in my life are colliding on Facebook.

Let me just say, I don't promote much...but I love Facebook!

If you are looking for long lost you babysat...high school sweetheart that you haven't seen in years...Facebook just might be the place to find them...

1 comment:

lana said...

You crack me up!!! I'm sorry if I enabled your addiction, but girl...I'm the same way.

Too funny! I love that you have mended a relationship... what a blessing. I've got one of those I've been trying to repair for 5 years and I just keep praying.

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