Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally Finished!

I finally finished the project!

Here are the before photos:

What these before photos don't show you is the hideous striped wallpaper that I took off before I took the photos

And here are the after:

One of my most favorite things about the makeover...the fun toothbrush holder from Pottery Barn

My gorgeous new ceramic tile!

The things I accomplished on this project:

  • strip wallpaper and glue

  • demo cabinet/sink

  • repair tub tile and grout

  • rip up nasty linoleum

  • rip out rotten baseboards

  • pull up toilet (and sit in tub until ready to reattach)

  • take down 2 morrors

  • texture walls

  • paint walls
  • spray paint medicine cabinet and a/c vent
  • change light (cause you know how I am about lighting)

  • lay backerboard and tile floor (something I had never done before

  • cut and attach new baseboards (something I had never done before)

  • paint baseboards

  • put in pedestal sink (something I had never done before...and it took forever!)

  • clean and reset toilet

  • find and hang artwork

  • hang new mirror

  • caulk around baseboards and door frame

  • hang towel bar, toothbrush holder

  • take pictures and post on blog



~LL~ said...

WOW....looks great!

I'll have to post my before and afters! We just redid one of our bathrooms (that was afflicted with horribly ugly and poorly hung wallpaper.)

Cammie said...

Sounds like we had the same bathroom :) I forgot to take pictures of the horribly ugly and poorly hung wallpaper in this bathroom. But not to worry, the same terrible wallpaper is in my son's room. I will ake photos of it with my son's before and aters.

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