Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Would You Do?

So the a few weeks ago, we went to Deborah and Devin's house (oops! I did it again...not supposed to use their first names!) for their daughter's birthday.

Deborah had ordered pizza for everyone that was supposed to be delivered at 5:45pm.

We got there at 6pm and there was no pizza.

She was a bit upset because her guests were arriving and there was no food to give them.

So she called and asked where her order was.

She was assured that it was on it's way. Also, for a $10 credit on their account.

60 minutes later, there was still no pizza.

We called again, and there was no trace of the order. What???

The call center could see what we ordered, but when she checked with the store that should fulfill our order, they had no clue.

She credited the account the full price and sent the full order out again at no charge. Should be to us in 50-60 minutes.


So, there we are, 60 minutes later, thinking it was about time for the pizza delivery (btw, by now we are so hungry that we ate an appetizer of polish sausage dogs!) when the phone rings!

It's the delivery man. He says he is standing at the front door and that the pizzas are being refused.

What? You're not at our front door. We've been waiting for our order for 3 1/2 hours now!

He then restates the address...but it is not our street! Now, mind you, my friend said, and spelled, the street name with the original order!

So, we tell the guy how to get to the house (thankfully he is not far) and he comes with our pizzas.

He tells us that he did deliver the first set of the other house...and she took them...

Then, he tried to deliver the second set (which, shouldn't you get a clue that if you are delivering a second set of pizzas to the same address for free something is wrong? Anyway, that's a different post all together!) and she wouldn't take them.

So, after a really long post, I come to my question...

What would you do?

Would you accept the first set of pizzas?

Would you accept the 2nd set?

I have to say, I hate incompetence! I really think I would have accepted all 14 pizzas!! I would call my friends and tell them that the pizza gods had descended upon my house. I would think that if the idiots at the pizza place couldn't do their job correctly that it isn't my fault!

Now tell me, what would you do? What would you truly do?


Christine said...

In absolute and all honesty ... I wouldn't accept pizza's that I did not pay for (although, I would have them check, because we have had the occasional church member do something like this as a sweet surprise!).

Would definitely earn me the Suckiest Mom of the Year Award: "Okay, kids, tonight I'm going to teach you how it's okay to steal if it's due to the mistake of someone else."

Now, granted, I've just screwed over anyone that would've had the balls to say, "Heck YEA I'd take those pizzas!" LOLOLOLOL

Just super easy for me right now, because I have a child with RAD that spends 24/7 looking for every single solitary thing that I might do wrong, to further prove that no mother or adult can be trusted. That would be like crack cocaine for his disorder! :)

Denise C said...

Well...I would tell him that we did not order them....but gosh...we'd be glad to buy them from him...because I am sure they would smell hubby would probably invite the poor confused guy hubby never ever meets a stranger...and offer him a slice of yummy pizza....then of course...I'd email my BFF Jana (Panda Mom) and encourage her and her brood to hop on a jet or into their cool jeep and head to TN and eat some delish Pizza....ok....only in my dreams....I know....but a girl can dream...and yes I do wish Jana lived are one lucky duck to be so near to her!
Give her big hugs from me! hee-hee!
Have a blessed weekend!
Thanks for letting me have a bit of fun here!
p.s. I surely do hope Jana reads this....she'll crack up at me! hee-hee!
She knows we are triplets separated at birth...(Adele too!) hee-hee!
OH and I am going back to your posts now to read about your homeschool day...we homeschool too!!!

~LL~ said...

We have actually had this happen. we smiled and commented that we wished it was ours, but it was not. "Hope you find where it belings. Have a nice evening."

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