Friday, February 29, 2008

Three Things Meme

Three Names You Go By:
1. Cammie
2. Cameron
3. Mom

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. My pajama pants
2. My husband's T-shirt
3. My purple Nikes we bought in Vegas

Three Longest Car Rides You Have Ever Been On:
1. Corpus Christi to Yellowstone National Park
2. Corpus Christi to El Paso
3. San Antonio to Branson, Missouri

Three of Your Favorite Things To Do:
1. Have 'Girl-Time' (doesn't happen often)
2. Blog (Reading and Writing)
3. Work (You would too, if you had my job!)

Three Things You Want Badly At the Moment:
1. MY HOUSE!!!!!
2. New Furniture (if I had a house to put it in)
3. ?

Three Animals You Have or Have Had:
1. Zombie (a toy poodle I had growing pet ever)
2. Lil' Bit (the teacup chihuahua that we have now)
3. Rexi (the HUGE cat that we have now)

Three Things You Ate Today:
1. a cinnamon roll
2. Diet Coke (does that count as 'ate'?)
3. waiting 'til lunch...

Three People You Last Talked To:
1. my daughter
2. my son
3. my husband

Three Things You Are Doing Tomorrow:
1. Taking Kaylee to an FCC Playgroup
2. Running to the library and Costco
3. Working on a marketing piece for my boss

Three Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving
3. Easter
(I really like birthdays, but I guess they don't count as 'holidays')

Three Favorite Beverages:
1. Diet Coke (must be fountain and must be 64 ounces at a time)
2. Starbucks Carmel Macchiato
3. Iced Tea with lime and Sweet n Low

Three Places You's Like To Visit:
2. Mount Rushmore
3. Paris, France

What about you? If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!


Panda-Mom said...

Wasn't this fun?! ; ) I went to the site as to WHY you love your work, but I don't get it...what do you do for them? Very curious.

lana said...

OK... I was going to ask the same question... what do you do?
Marketing or photography?

Great pictures and website :-)

Cammie said...

Hi Girls,

Thanks for asking!

I work for Love Stories Photography. Suzanne is the owner and photographer. She is a great Christian woman and friend (she was a freind first and personally asked me to come work for her :))

I am the all-around, do-what-she-asks-me-to-do girl. I am 2nd shooter at weddings and sittings, I am secretary, I am digital album designer and so on.

I love to work there for many reasons, is a great environment, I have a great boss who cares that I have an opinion - and asks for it often, I get to take my kids to work, on days we don't have clients, I wear my sweats to work...and, the best perk...great photos of my family!

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