Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lotsa Doctors Recently!

Other than tons of doctor visits with our daughter lately, I have also been running back and forth to Austin for my dad.

He went into the emergency room on December 9th with swollen ankles and purple toes (he actually had been wearing jeans and shoes for about a week, hiding these symptoms from my mother). What we thought would be true, was. He had heart problems, a valve that needed to be replaced.

Five days later, they replaced the valve...and then the trouble began.

His body was fine, but his mind...not so much. He was in ICU for 2 weeks because he could not 'snap out of it'. This was not what we bargained for. We thought hurting chest, difficult doing daily tasks. Instead we got hallucinations, tying to the bed becasue he didn't know where he was, wearing diapers becasue he couldn't remember how to toilet.

I talked to everyone I knew and most medical personel stated that this was totally normal. Everyone stated that everyone gets this dilerium after surgery, but most people have it for hours...Dad had it for weeks.

Once the hospital decided his body was fine, Dad was moved to a Rehab Hospital. He has been there since the day after Christmas. Ugh!

We finally got to bring Dad home for the day yesterday (the first time he has been home since December 9). He enjoyed being home and did not want to go back. The only way we got him to agree to return to the hospital was the fact that his target release date is this Friday.

So, hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

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