Friday, December 28, 2007

Crap In, Crap Out

So, how much stuff did you get for Christmas? Where are you going to put it all? Have you found a home for all the goodies yet?

I used to get overwhelmed from all the stuff that makes its way into my house over the holidays. I have, in about the last 5 years, gotten control of the stuff and the anxiety that used to come with it.

Here are my tips for controlling the stuff and the anxiety.

1. Just like the title says, crap in, crap out.

For each toy that my children bring in during Christmas, we remove one toy. We dig back deep in the closet and take out those toys that are dust covered and never played with and, if they are still usable, we donate them, if they are not usable, we trash them.

It is best not to even move the unwrapped gifts from the living room until you have removed those old toys from the kids room (or playroom, wherever your toys live through the year). After all, if you have to continue to trip over the new stuff, it will motivate you a bit more to go remove the old stuff.

2. Return unwanted items.

I know...the nerve...after all, someone took alot of time and energy in picking that gift out for me...even though I hate it! My mother used to tell us that she didn't want her money to sit in the closet. She wanted us to return the item and get something that we liked and would use. I think whomever bought that horrible gift for you would think the same way. Take it back, get something useful. Do not let it sit on a closet shelf and clutter your house for the next however many years.

Should you not only return unwanted items, but take it a step further...if you don't like anything or don't need anything, get a store credit. Don't get something just because you think you have to. Get a credit and in the middle of the summer, when all the newness has worn off of the Christmas gifts, return to the store and pick out a gem then. Hmmm...clutter free for 6 months and then, an item you will use at a later date!

I hope these tips help you to organize the beautiful items you received for the holiday!

Now go...

Get to decluttering...

And finding homes for all those new items!

1 comment:

Panda-Mom said...

We deluttered too and the house feels great! I love this time of year to start fresh and least for the month of January! LOL!

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