Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Fun

What a fun-filled weekend we had!

It started Thursday. The kids and I invited some friends and ventured out to here. It was not crowded on a weeknight and well worth the money. I am glad we packed the vehicle, though, because you pay per carload!

Then, Saturday morning, we all got up and went here. What a fun time that was. We had pancakes, visited the man in red, had a hayride and a barrel train ride, walked thru a maze made of hay, played miniature golf using PVC pipe golf clubs and tin buckets for holes...and so much more. Check out the pics for the highlights!

We found out that this farm also has peach picking in the spring and a pumpkin patch in the fall. We will definatly be visiting again!

Then, after the farm, we tried to go here. Yup, drove straight from one to the other...only to find out that the latter did not open until the next night. My husband was not a happy camper!

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