Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today's Headlines

I spend a lot of time listening to this radio station. It is basically how I get the latest news.

2 things got under my skin today...

1. On his show last week, Glenn Beck spoke, I feel, quite honestly about Laredo, Texas. He discussed how the federal government has not secured the border and that drugs were running quite freely across the border. His comments were basically directed towards the federal government and border patrol. Well, out comes the mayor of Laredo and demands a public apology from Glenn. What??? He wasn't saying anything about Laredo! So, Glenn calls the mayor and asks him what Glenn should be apologizing for...what he said about Laredo that shouldn't have been said...the mayor could not answer. IDIOT!

2. Let me preface number 2 by saying that I LOVE GEORGE W! So, if you want to exit my blog now, you won't hurt my feelings...by the same note, if you want to tell me about why I should be anto-Bush, save your time and move on! With that said, he vetoed the spending bill. He said he would. He said there was too much pork fat. He made no bones about it. Instead of fixing it before sending it to the president, they send it and then the idiot Democrats mouth-off about the president vetoing the bill! DUH!

I just think politicians are idiots!

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