Friday, November 16, 2007

Get Paid To Do Something You Love

I remember when I started college, my parents said, 'Choose a major that you love!' They wanted me to get paid for something I loved doing.

Well, now years later, blogging has become a new love of mine...and now, I will get paid to post!

I found Pay Per Post when I was surfin' the web and ran across it on another blog. I had to investigate right away and I loved what I saw! After all, what a great idea! People are surfin' all over this web, reading each others thoughts and now,
companies are clueing in and want their products discussed! Genius!
Go check it out for yourself!

I am now what Pay Per Post calls a 'Postie' (catchy little name, huh?)!
I am hoping to use whatever money I make as 'mad money'. For whatever I want...maybe clothes, maybe a Starbucks indulgence, maybe a girls' night out, maybe to horde for a rainy day! I will make those decisions when the checks start comin'!

Well, I gotta go! I am going back to PPP to see what my blogging choices are! I have some serious money to start bank rollin'!

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