Monday, October 29, 2007


I know that God's grace, peace, forgiveness and love is all around us! I am reminded of this everyday.

Yes, there are times that I doubt.

Then, I realize that I have no reason to doubt. He has continuosly shown himself to me. Numerous times in my life...saving me at the age of 8, saving me from an abusive and alcoholic childhood home, giving me some key adults who helped me become the woman I am today, providing a way for me to go to college, giving me a fantastic husband, blessing me with a terrific son, giving me strength through both of Jake's surgeries, giving us the provisions to adopt our beautiful daughter...WOW!

But, sometimes, I still doubt.

Today, I was reading Christine's blog and found this blog. (Shane and I went to HPU together) If I think I have something to be doubting, I can read Casey's blog and all things will be put back into perspective.

I pray that you will keep things in perspective also!

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Barbara said...

I love this post and I went to both blogs and read them. You know, I can relate to the peace that comes with forgiveness. If it weren't for forgiveness, Duck, Ginger, Sid, and I couldn't all sit at the football games together and all be on the same page about the girls. It is only through God's grace that the girls now have four parents who love them instead of just two.

I have started keeping a Blog about my daily Bible readings, if you want to check it out sometime.

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