Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gold Plated?

This post needs a bit of history...

When I first asked Jake what he thought about homeschooling, his first comment was, 'I will never be able to use a locker'. I know...his biggest objection was locker usage! So, I said, 'Yes you can. We can purchse one and put it in out schoolroom. No big deal!'

So, I ordered a MAY!

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I HATE incompetence!!! If you don't know what you are doing, move on! Get training, double check yourself or get a job that you know how to do! This is one of those things that I jump to the other side of the fence...with gusto! I hate incompetence!

So, I order a locker in May, 2 doors, red, unassembled.

Three weeks later, it comes, in a huge box, banging around inside. I open it up, it is banged up, unassembled with no hardware and no instructions. I call the company and get the run-around...

which pieces are dented? We don't want to send all the pieces, we will just send the ones that have damage. They all have some sort of damage, I need a whole new locker. You get the idea.

I tape it back up, send it back and wait...

After 2 weeks, a new locker comes. It is packaged totally differently. Yea! This is going to be great! I open the box and do a once over. It looks good, has instructions and a HUGE bag of hardware. I think to myself, 'That looks like a lot of hardware.', but think no more of it. Jake comes thru and opens the box to check out his new locker. He pops up and says, 'Mom, it has 6 doors!' UGH! No wonder there was a HUGE bag of hardware! I call the company again and ask for a refund. I will order it from another company.

So, I do. I get back online and find another company and order another one. They do not offer red, so I order blue, 2 doors, assembled (Assembled now because I have blown 6 weeks and have no locker!).

I am waiting...and waiting...

After 3 weeks, I call the new company and ask what the hold-up is...I am told the locker is on backorder until October. Do you want to cancel the order or wait until October? I tell them that I will wait...

Well, it doesn't take until October. After another week, I get a call from Roadway trucking company that they have a delivery for me. Jake and I are beside ourselves with excitement. Our locker is finally here! It has only been 3 months since we started this process! I set up delivery for the next day and right before I hang up with Roadway, the lady tells me, 'Oh, and it is shipping C.O.D.' WHAT???? I paid shipping with my order. She states that I will have to take that up with the company where the locker was ordered. UGH!

So, I call the company and they state that the order had been cancelled! Yea, remember the wait til October or cancel the order call. I guess when I said, 'I will wait', he heard, 'Cancel the order.' So, I went through the whole 'the order isn't cancelled, the locker is in my city, they want shipping costs' routine. After about 30 minutes, I had them understanding that the order wasn't cancelled, I wasn't refunded and I did pay shipping with my order. This company would call Roadway and tell them that shipping had been paid.

Well, after 2 weeks (yes, the locker was in my city for 2 weeks and I couldn't get custody of it!)and many frustrating phone calls later, we finally received our locker!

Jake is so proud!

So, I ask...are these things gold plated or something?...because it sure was difficult to receive one!


Christine said...

Geeeeeez ... I'm frustrated just reading about it!

Christine said...

Ha! I can't find yours either! Click on my face. You can email me through my Blogger profile.

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